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Romi Caron

Born in the Czech Republic, 1967​

1985-1990 Studied at the school of fine arts, Prague

Romi Caron studied for five years at the Prague University of Fine Arts after graduating from a High School of Fine Arts. She then moved to Canada where she now has her own studio.​

Romi Caron illustrated more than 80 books for children.​

In particular, her series of books with Marilyn Baillie (Small Wonders, Amazing Things Animals Do), published by Maple Tree Press and the Canadian Geographic Society, were very successful and won several awards from:​

- The Animal Behavior Society,
- The American Association for the Advancement of Science
- The Canadian Children’s Book Centre

These books feature full page realistic animal illustrations that were revised by professional biologists for accuracy.

She also had two monthly articles being published in the province of Quebec in a magazine called “Enfants”:

- Brico-folies avec Romi » and
- Je cuisine avec Romi ».

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